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Anhydrous Ammonia (NH3) is also known as R-717 and pure ammonia. It is a pungent, colorless liquid compressed gas, approximately 40% lighter than air. Clipper Oil is a major ammonia supplier for the commercial fishing fleet throughout the Pacific Ocean. Anhydrous Ammonia is a vital resource for virtually all purse seine tuna vessels. Anhydrous Ammonia is the refrigerant used to freeze the brine solution within the fish wells onboard tuna vessels. Clipper Supply helps to replenish ammonia refrigeration systems in the following industries: commercial fishing/processing vessels, fish processing facilities, agriculture, food processing & freezing plants, breweries, cold storage facilities, power plants & generators, water treatment facilities, municipalities and more.
Clipper Supply utilizes certified US Department of Transportation (DOT) ammonia cylinders and tanks in order to make Anhydrous Ammonia deliveries throughout the USA and worldwide. Clipper Supply can also deliver premium grade Anhydrous Ammonia in bulk by tank truck. At all of our warehouse locations, we stock refrigerant grade Anhydrous Ammonia in premium grade cylinder tanks. We offer Anhydrous Ammonia in various size tanks ranging from 150lb/68kg bottles to 1730lb/786kg skid tanks. However, we can offer many other packs/sizes and also produce to our customer’s specifications. All of our ammonia bottles and tanks undergo extensive hydrostatic testing to ensure product durability and safety.

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